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The Law of the Fourm Empty The Law of the Fourm

Post  oNikkio (Admin) on Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:16 pm

Here's the rules make sure you follow them or you could get banned!
Don't sell anything, don't trade in a mln shop that isn't yours, don't make 1 word posts, and no double posting.
Do not make mean or hurtful posts!(that is for you sammy!!!!) Stay on topic and try to have fun.
Violence is a No no
No cursing, harassing, or anything that would be rated (if a movie) PG 13+ keep this forum rated G. We have children Watching! Shocked
Were back on the whole PG 13 plate. No pictures of yourself or anything that would be considered PG 13+. Don't say your real location. You can say like Hidden Realm, CandyLand junk like that but no real location. Links to your blog is perfectly fine as long as it's yours and not some PG 13+ website.
Have Fun
The biggest rule of all is to just have fun! Razz
Obey all these rules or you will get banned! Make sure you haves fun! And no coping people don't seem to like that.
-Luck out!

Moderator Rules
Mods can not lock every post they make, edit an unassigned area, make new topics, be rude, not follow the rules, must go threw the test, and MUST be friendly an not edit the forums name at ALL!!!!

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