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Item List-- Pteprockshop

Post  Pteprocks on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:18 pm

Here is the current item list for the Pteprockshop. Please note that this market is just starting out and does not have the amount of items it will in the future.

Ancient Scrolls Very Low Quantity
More coming soon!
Rank 0:
Apple Pies
Strawberry Jam
More coming soon!
Rank 1:
Worker Bees
Best Bees
Red Flowers
Potted Plants
More coming soon!
Rank 2:
Heroic Stories
Rank 3:
Solar Power Cells
Carburators Low Quantity
Nitro Low Quantity
More coming soon!
Rank 4:
Dino Scales (Limit 5 per order)
Dino Horns Very Low Quantity
Phantom Orchids
Rough Sapphire Low Quantity
Dino Fang (I did NOT use ambushes; I won them on Destructoid modules)
Rough Rubies
Rough Diamonds
Rank 5:
Loose Sparks
More coming soon!
Rank 7:
Totemic Hawks Out of stock
Totemic Feathers
More coming soon!
Rank 9:
Nebular Crystals
More coming soon!
Please note that because I am rank 5, there are currently not many rank 5+ items for sale. More totemic parts, warriors, banners, instruments, and more coming soon.

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